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The Digestive Health Institute (DHI) at Florida Hospital Tampa is the region’s most comprehensive medical care provider for conditions of the digestive system. When it comes to nearly any disorder of the esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, small intestine, colon, rectum or anus, our team has unmatched experience in providing effective, compassionate care.

Many of the physicians at DHI are fellowship-trained, which enhances the depth of their medical knowledge. Across all of its programs, the DHI medical team includes a group of gastroenterologists (GI physicians), a speech language pathologist, and highly experienced surgeons who are all experts in minimally invasive surgery for conditions of the digestive system. Minimally invasive surgery requires greater surgical skill, but it often means a safer surgery with a more comfortable, faster recovery. Your digestive health deserves the highest level of care, which you can find at DHI.

High Quality, Compassionate Care

If you have a condition related to your digestive health, our board-certified physicians offer a comprehensive range of treatment options that can treat it effectively. No two patients or conditions are exactly alike, so having several options leads to better results. Our specialists offer some of the most advanced treatments available anywhere, including:

  • A less invasive procedure for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) that cures the condition
  • Minimally invasive surgery for liver and pancreatic conditions, including cancer
  • Surgical treatments for inflammatory bowel disease that avoid the need for a colostomy bag
  • Single site surgeries that result in no visible scars

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Why DHI?

  • We offer comprehensive care for the entire digestive system. It can be unusual to find all of the specialists that one needs in a single place. At DHI, patients benefit by having their gastroenterologist and surgeon as part of the same team. It makes their care more seamless.
  • Many of our physicians are fellowship trained, and all are board certified. Fellowship training gives physicians more knowledge and experience in a single treatment area. It follows that more knowledgeable and experienced doctors provide patients with better results. Also, many of our doctors perform research and present at medical conferences—showing themselves to be thought-leaders in their fields. Some of them train other surgeons in minimally invasive techniques.
  • All of our surgeons are experts in minimally invasive surgery. Whenever possible, the surgeons at DHI use minimally invasive methods. Instead of operating through large, open incisions, they use techniques that allow surgeries to involve only a few, small external cuts. While minimally invasive surgery requires surgeons to have greater skills, the benefits of this approach to patients include less pain, less scarring, and easier and faster recoveries.
  • We have subspecialty programs dedicated to specific parts of the digestive tract. DHI has programs that specialize in treating some of the more common digestive disorders—acid reflux and other conditions of the esophagus, irritable bowel disease and other colorectal conditions, and disorders of the liver, pancreas and gallbladder. Having medical teams that specialize in disorders involving these smaller portions of the body leads to many benefits. For one, our patients receive treatment plans that take a lot more into consideration, such as making sure a treatment for one condition will not accidentally cause a new disorder.
  • We give patients with cancer priority for prompt appointments. People who have cancer need to be treated as quickly as possible, and treatment often starts with surgery. That is why we prioritize patients who call for cancer consultations and second opinions.
  • We treat patients as individuals. No two patients are exactly alike, and neither is the way they experience the same digestive condition. We take the effort to get to know our patients so that we can offer them the appropriate level of care based on their needs and goals. In the end, we want all of our patients to achieve lifestyles that are pain-free and as healthy as possible.

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