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Welcome to the
Digestive Health Institute

At the Digestive Health Institute at Florida Hospital Tampa, your health is our priority. Our patients have access to specialists and treatment options that are effective and unique to each individual’s needs. By offering the highest level of care, our team of physicians are proud to offer comfort and hope to its patients.

Many of our physicians are fellowship trained, resulting in skillful, compassionate care for our patients. Our team is proud to provide the expert care and service that continues to distinguish the Digestive Health Institute at Florida Hospital Tampa as the trusted source for advanced digestive care in Tampa. Your digestive health deserves the highest level of care.

Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Chudzinski, I couldn’t let today pass without letting you know how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me. Today makes one year since my surgery and I have never felt better! I had my yearly colonoscopy last week, and I woke up from the procedure to Dr. Sanjeevi telling me there is no active Chrons in my body! I had never heard those words before. I have had the healthiest, most memorable year of my life and I’m on the least amount of medicine ever. You are truly amazing! Your care and expertise are one in a million! - Kali S.
  • I am writing on behalf of my spouse. My wife, Doris has requested that I write comments concerning her Doctor, Doctor Sharona Ross. In May of 2016, Doctor Ross performed at least two procedures on my wife Doris. Procedure # 1 Nissen Fundoplication and Procedure # 2 Hiatal Hernia. These procedures were performed in the Florida Hospital in Tampa, Florida. It should be noted from the beginning to the end Dr. Ross and her staff were extremely professional. Dr. Ross explained the entire procedure to my wife and put my wife at ease. All patients have normal anxiety about invasive procedures. Dr. Ross is a deeply concerning Doctor about her patients and her decisions in the case of my spouse were 100% accurate. I and my spouse sincerely thank her. We could not have chosen a more compassionate and professional Physician. - DF
  • I just wanted to take a moment to compliment Dr. Allen Chudzinski and his team. He always takes the time to explain things to us and treats us with so much respect. I have dealt with many doctors as a nurse and as a patient and he has the most wonderful bedside manner. He really listens to the patients and their families and always gives them his full and undivided attention. He is always calling us his team members and says that he appreciates the care we provide for his patients. He is always approachable and loves to teach us so we can become better nurses. He is always kind and courteous even in the worst of situations. He calls us by our names and always asks how we are doing and genuinely cares about our response. He even noticed that I was having a rough day and brought me coffee when he came to round on the floor, it meant so much to me. Having him [as a] apart of the FHT team really makes us better. I always am excited when I get to care for one of his patients because that means I get to interact with him and his team. Dr. Stylienos Tsintzilonis, his fellow, is also so wonderful to work with. He always has a smile on his face and is very attentive with the nurses and patients. He appreciates our input when related to their patients. He enjoys teaching us about the procedures they perform so we can better understand and care for the patients. One weekend when he was covering he noticed how hectic we were and he bought us all ice cream for a pick me up. Deowattie John, ARNP is also a joy to work with. She always answers our questions in a timely manner and patients always say wonderful things about her. She always makes the time to help us and address any of our concerns regardless of how menial they may seem. Of all the facilities I have worked at I have never come across a team so caring and compassionate. They are all so thoughtful and I feel so blessed to work with them. - Nurse, 4 South, Florida Hospital Tampa
  • It's been a month since my husband was a patient at Florida Hospital Tampa. Since that time his nurses have had many other patients and may have forgotten us; however, we have not forgotten them. Every one of them was a professional who treated him with excellent medical skills as well as kindness and compassion. It was most appreciated. There are a few "stand-outs" that we especially want to acknowledge and thank: Jackie who greeted him as he was moved from ICU and made him feel welcome and well-cared for in his new room; Mary who clearly explained what procedures the doctors ordered and why they were so important; Amy who was a friendly model of efficiency; and Teri whose kindness and compassion made us smile every time she entered the room! A few of the techs who were especially appreciated were Daniel, Tamara, and Roxanna. Even before the surgery, we had utmost confidence in his surgeons, Dr. Chudzinski and Dr. Sucandy, and we immediately saw that the nursing staff also deserved our confidence and respect. We thank them for making his stay at Florida Hospital the very best it could be. - JG
  • Dr. Ross, My twin sister and I want to thank you. Thank you for giving me back my health and ability to enjoy life!!! I had a nissen fundoplication performed on December 16, 2015 after being misdiagnosed for over 10 years. After the surgery, I was unable to drink or eat without severe discomfort and usually I would end up vomiting. The surgeon just kept saying it wasn’t the surgery even though I told him I felt like liquid and food was not able to go into stomach. The pain was end of esophagus near stomach. I was admitted to hospital for dehydration and was losing weight weekly due to my inability to get anything down. This surgeon refused consider that just maybe he wrapped the opening too tight. He basically said it would resolve, but could take to a year. He also said that I should not drink with a straw, eat bread, have carbonated drinks and I must take very small bites and chew, chew, chew and chew some more (food should be pretty much liquid before swallowing). I believed him. This surgeon finally referred me out to your office as I keep losing weight, not improving for months and I am so glad he did. Dr. Ross, you ordered an endoscopy and a contrast swallow test done without the 48-hour camera. We felt that the opening to stomach was too small for camera. You then scheduled surgery for a nissen fundoplication redo just this October. I can drink and eat per the meal plan for recovery from surgery. I have gained 3 pounds and am excited to eat whatever I want after the eight-week recovery period ends. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving me my health back. I am telling everyone about you, your practice and the outstanding support staff from the office staff to Florida Hospital’s staff, to pre-op staff to surgical staff and finally the hospital floor staff (nurses, nurse assistants, dietary, janitorial). Thanks to Dr. Ross and her amazing team at Florida Hospital; I finally have my twin sister back. After almost a year of watching her suffer with severe pain with every attempt to eat. Our world is better because of you. - DD. & DK.
  • A Thank You for Dr. Chudzinski: Google defines the word Doctor as someone who is a qualified practitioner of medicine. Notably as defining surgeon as a medical practitioner highly qualified to practice surgery. If you combine those two together with a rare sense of passion, and enthusiasm for his work to help others, you molded what would be the beginning DNA of Dr. Chudzinski.        I'm a young and in shape professional female, so the likely hood of having probable cause to actually be at a "specialist" in the first place can easily be dismissed and has been previously with other doctors. I guess the saying third times a charm will ring true in this life changing instance. It wouldn't be until I wanted to give up and was fully convinced from other practices that what was wrong with me was so minor and had me thinking either that I didn't explain myself completely during initial exams or the papers I was forced to fill out in the waiting room were subpar on my part. The first time he saw me he cleared the air and made it feel like an afternoon at the golf course rather than the dreaded "naked from waist down" visit. He listened, processed, and offered his advice. Eager to move forward in the process, I joked only to confirm this was actually going to happen.  His reply would put most practices to shame with their scheduling monstrosity. His simple response, confirmed a next week scheduling. Please keep in mind I was what's considered a new patient, so I was definitely low on the priority list.  Now that I have you on the edge of your seat I must remind you superman doesn't always wear his cape. Fast forward to surgery day, where the scene is hectic, and the outcome is always pain. I had a midday surgery so I was sitting comfortable sandwiched right after around lunch time so I felt pretty confident, my doctor would be happy to see me as it would be nearing the end of his work day and his belly would be full. One thing surgery centers do is keep you company to pass the time, but at this point I had now met all three shifts team of nurses, doctors and anesthesiologists and I became the joke as the "forgotten patient". Little did most know, that my surgeon was still doing surgeries up until the time when I was wheeled back at midnight. My doctor assured me I was only in the best of hands and for some odd reason he convinced me of that. Never falling short in my faith, I put all my trust into him that night and he never fell through. Maybe it was my smile behind a face of no makeup or the remark of being a single mom to a little boy counting on him, but whatever it was, he got it. He not only took the best care of me before during and after, he made sure that his staff also gave me the "Ritz Carlton" experience throughout. Maybe it's not what he found or how he reacted to it for the better of my health, (although that is his job); it was the level of comfort knowing for the first time ever I was part of a family. A family that cared not only what I thought, but also how I felt and knew no matter what we were in this together. I've worked medical previously, and what I can confirm, often more times than not, doctors are recognized by their ability of financial backing, and possibility of huge profits for their practice or hospital. Dr. Chudzinski has shown the opposite through great compassion and love towards someone he's doesn't even know other than through a medical record and to him, I am eternally grateful.   Thank you! - JS
  • My experience with Dr.Chudzinski and his team was nothing short of incredible. I would not wish Crohn’s Disease on anyone, but if you have it and require surgery, I highly recommend him. He is the most caring and compassionate doctor I've met. He eased every worry I had and had me into surgery 2 days after my appointment with him! I have battled Crohn’s for 7 years, and only a week out of surgery I was happier and healthier than ever. I am now 3 months out of surgery and I am still in the best state I've been and for the first time in my life I feel in control of my body. I still have Crohn’s, but I no longer feel like Crohn’s has me. Dr.Chudzinski made sure that I understood the what, why, and how for everything that was going on, and was happy to answer every question that I had- even months after surgery. He is a one in a million kind of person and I am so thankful to be his patient!     Thank You, - KS
  • Words cannot express my gratitude to you for the professional manner and skills in which you handled my surgery. I thank God for sending a surgeon like you my way. I am doing well and getting stronger every day (all the praises go to my heavenly father). I saw Dr. Al-Hassani today and my PETscan was negative (praises to my Heavenly Father again). My family also thanks you for your compassion and concern while I was under your care. May God continue to bless and keep you. Again, many thanks. Also, give our thanks to DJ for her care to me. - EP
  • I cannot thank you enough for giving me the chance to live a healthy life. Your passion and devotion for your job and clients does not go unnoticed. I am so thankful to have you on this journey to health! I cannot remember when I felt better than I do now. I hope that makes all the hours you put in worth it. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me (including answering all my silly questions). - KS
  • After two decades of suffering with GERD and seeing numerous GI Doctors, I met with Dr. Arthi Sanjeevi, who quickly diagnosed my issues. Dr. Sanjeevi recommend fundoplication and cholecystectomy. I met with Dr. Ross and discussed the surgeries needed. I scheduled the nissen fundoplication and cholecystectomy immediately. 10 weeks post operation and my life has changed significantly. I feel absolutely wonderful. I'm happier and healthier with no visible scar. I highly recommend Dr. Sanjeevi, Dr. Ross and their team. - CPK

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